Taxation Services

Unfortunately, paying tax is often inevitable. Good planning, however, can save many thousands of dollars. That’s why it is critical that tax calculations and returns are lodged in an accurate and timely manner.

Australia’s taxation system in one of the most complex in the world. Under the government’s ‘self assessed’ system, it is essential that tax is prepared and calculated correctly, and that lodgements of returns happen on time, otherwise severe penalties are imposed. Parker Crofts & Co are registered tax agents.

Income Tax. Parker Crofts & Co are proficient in the preparation and lodgement of income tax returns for companies, trusts, partnerships, self managed superannuation funds and individuals. We can also offer advice on how to best manage your business to minimise taxation consequences.

GST. Introduced in 2000, GST has created a headache for all business entities and is one of the most active audit areas conducted by the ATO. The team at Parker Crofts & Co can assist in the preparation and lodgment of monthly or quarterly BAS’s. As a registered tax agent, our clients can also benefit from lodgement extensions of up to four weeks.

Fringe Benefits Tax. Another level of tax not fully understood by many, Parker Crofts & Co can help relieve the burden of FBT in an efficient and professional manner.

With careful tax planning, including the use of the correct business structures, many thousands of dollars can be saved in both income tax and capital gains tax. The laws are also very complex around retirement exemptions and incorrect structures could cost the opportunity to minimise tax payable.