Business Advisors

Not all small business owners have the luxury of having financial controllers to help run the commercial aspects of their business. This is where Parker Crofts & Co helps fill the gap.

At Parker Crofts & Co, our small business advisory service is here to help you achieve your ultimate business goals.

Our ongoing service includes:

Performance review. This is prepared from your financial statements and focuses on trading history, trends and balance sheet strengths. This review identifies any weaknesses that require attention.

Planning. Where is your business now? Where do you want it to be? How will you get there? This, in essence, is the starting point of our planning meeting, which details overall objectives for your business together with an indicative timeline, expected results and estimated costs.

Strategy setting. Following our planning meeting, this working blueprint serves to prioritize the focus points, as well as allocating responsibilities and timelines for key actions to be taken.  Some of the financial strategies may require such things as budget and cash flow forecasts, costing reviews, market research, tax plans and retirement planning to ensure the strategy is fully functional.

Monitoring. Undertaken monthly, quarterly or six-monthly, a review of performance is essential to objectively assess the actions being taken.

In essence, Parker Crofts & Co can help any small business from the start-up/ purchase phase to the wind-up/sale phase and everything in between.

Our skill set includes:

  • Business purchase reviews and advice
  • Recommending the right business structure
  • Financial planning and goal setting
  • Monitoring results and suggestions for performance improvement
  • Tax planning
  • Preparation for selling a business
  • Sale contract review and management