In 2016, the laws governing Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) advice changed. Accountants need to be licensed to talk to and advise clients about SMSF’s. Darren Crofts (ARN 245875) and Jose Dono (ARN 127650) are pleased to say they are authorised representatives of Merit Wealth and are able to continue providing advice on SMSF’s. As a qualified Merit Wealth Limited Advisor, they are authorised to provide advice on:

  • Should I have a SMSF?
  • Contributions
  • Withdrawals
  • Pensions

As Merit Wealth limited advisors they have access to the broader Merit Wealth advisor network to provide further advice on:

  • Rolling over superannuation
  • Investment Strategies
  • Investment portfolio construction
  • Insurances

Our license, authorised by Merit Wealth allows us to provide qualified advice on SMSF’s

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Parker Crofts & Co are associate members of National accounting group Hayes Knight.

Being associate members gives us access to quarterly technical information seminars plus monthly newsletters containing tax law changes and various other information. We also get access to Hayes Knights library of practise templates and tax law technical information bulletins.


Cleary Hoare Solicitors are specialists in entity structuring developing company, trust and partnership structures to suit specific client requirements and circumstances.

Parker Crofts & Co are members of their ‘Legal Resource Club’ and benefit through attendance at seminars where the latest opportunities are explored, and through email and telephone access to legal professionals.